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~*What We Are*~

A community for those who are in progress of writing a fairly large writing peice and/or book. This is also a place where poetry, music lyrics, and other short stories and the like can be posted, critiqued, and shared.


1.) All writing submissions must be submitted with an LJ cut tag. If you are unfamiliar with this LJ command, refer here for directions.
2.) No plagarizing, all content/submitted work must be your own!
3.) An undertandable post with a beginnign and end. No completely unreadable entries. They must make sense!
4.) PLEASE Use spell check before you post works here, and for heavens sake, check your grammar. Any incomprehensible posts will be deleted promptly.
5.) Feel free to post revised works. Add a link back to the original post if you wish.

1.) No flames or misconduct between members.
2.) Comments must include some sort of helpful advice. Try listing pros and cons about the peice.
-No simple, "Thats cool!" type entries. The purpose of this community is to help us improve our written works.
-And of course, no, "That Suxx0rs" or any stupid talk like that.

And most importantly, of course...have fun! ^_^

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